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Learn how to Create Tickets?

1 Create Profile

Sign up and create profile for your company. Add vehicles, drivers and callers. That will make it easy to add these details to a ticket.

2 Create ticket

Start a new ticket and add details. Use right side map to see mechanics around you.

3 Broadcast and Selection

Publish ticket and wait for service providers to respond. Select the best service provider for the call.

Model that fits all kind of needs

You have the option to create your own tickets or completely outsource them to our call center or mix and match.

Self Service

Save money by creating your own tickets. the service charges are 3% of the total cost of the service ticket.


Save resouces by forwarding all your service calls to out toll fre number 1-800-604-6052 and we will create tickets for you. the service changres are 5% of the total cost.


You create your own tickets and forward some to our call center as well.Service charges are 3% or 5% depending on who makes the ticket.

Service fees collected is minimal and helps cover costs including technology, development of app features, marketing, and payment processing.

Do not have an account?
Call 1-800-604-6052 and we create the ticket for you

If you are not registered, give us a call on toll free number and we Will create the service ticket for you. We locate the nearest and best service provider for you using interactive map and ratings.

Payment Methods:

After you Sign up with basic profile information for your company, you will be asked to select payment method. You will have 2 options to select from:

Credit Card: Selecting this option and adding credit card will allow you to create service tickets right away. We only store portion of the credit card information on our side. The rest of it is stored on the Payment processing service provider side. Stripe is our payment processing partner and is PCI complaint ( The information provided is encrypted and saved securely.

Credit Account: If you select this option, we will receive a notification on our end to review and approve your Credit account request. System will not allow creating Service tickets until the account is approved. The status of your request will be communicated via email.

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Breakdownmap is an app to receive real-time notifications about breakdowns that happen around you. So, you will never miss a service call.

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